Tagra Biotechnologies Ltd., since its inception, has been focusing on the development and manufacturing of microencapsulated ingredients for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Tagra has been the first company to patent its unique innovative Release on Demand ™ (RND™) Microencapsulation Technology.  Tagra's technology platform, supported by a series of patents, has scientifically addressed industry's  imminent issues of  stability, efficiency and compatibility with other ingredients in cosmetic and pharmaceutical  formulations.  This, through enabling microencapsulation of non-water soluble ingredients, conforming with worldwide cosmetic regulations and suitable for a wide range of formulations.

Established in 1998 as a R&D start-up, Tagra began commercial production in 2004 using it's novel microencapsulation technology.  Tagra has chosen, as its first commercial launch, the introduction of encapsulated vitamins which were pronounced for their instability both during and after cosmetic formulation preparation.   After having developed a series of additional encapsulated oils and actives, Tagra has introduced its revolutionary range of encapsulated pigments which for the first time will be destined for use in skin-care as well as color-cosmetic products. 

Tagra's Release on Demand (RND™) proprietary Microencapsulation Technology has demonstrated that it can that successfully mask, protect and release more than 40 actives and pigments widely used in cosmetics, OTC and pharma preparations.  The wizardry of Tagra RND™ Microencapsulation Technology is friction released (not time released) through consumer application.  This capacity opens up new dimensions for formulators, manufacturers and  consumers'  alike, by meeting both scientific and marketing needs by the industry today.

Tagra's plant is located in Tel-Chai, at the foot of the Golan Heights in the northern part of Israel.  With three major production lines and highly skilled technical and production teams, workers on the production team, Tagra is able to meet all customers' production and delivery demands.  Over the years, Tagra has heavily invested in R&D, and with its state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing line,  Tagra is constantly developing new microencapsulation products, making sure the customers will receive the most advanced and high quality products.