Altai Fito Product, LLC. is established for the purpose of preprocessing of the natural plant raw materials of Altai Region. The enterprise is located in a unique and ecologically clean Siberian region, that of Altai. We are located in Barnaul.


As the leading company to produce and market amino acids Ajinomoto uses its innovative potential to continuously propose amino acids-based cosmetic ingredients from natural origin. Ajinomoto created several brands as mildness gentle cationic surfactants, natural moisturizing systems and functional powder with its silky, smooth and soft touch.


Natural actives and minerals, Botanicals (also organic), proteinic hydrolisates, Technologies like silicones and esters, Emulsifiers, Film formers, UV filters, Surfactants, Different complexes.

Alban Muller

Alban Muller International is Le Natural Product Designer®, an International Services Company created in 1978, which provides Natural and Eco Responsible Solutions, for the Cosmetics, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. The Alban Muller Group, inspiring itself from advanced research in the fields of sciences of life, has elaborated a strategy resolutely focusing on sustainable development. The group concentrates on "Intelligent Green" and "Made in France" quality and is now a pioneer in matters of eco-design.


Since 1939, Laboratorios Argenol manufactures and exports silver-based products for the pharmaceutical industry, primarily Silver Colloids.

Nowadays, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of silver embedded in different and innovative materials, our products are being used in medical device applications and other industries such as cosmetics, ceramics, polymers, water purification…


Botaneco is the global developer and marketer of innovative oleosome-based ingredients to the personal care and OTC topical markets. Our first two product offerings, Hydresia™ and Hydresia™ G2 are derived from safflower seeds and offer unique performance and aesthetic properties and deliver natural products without compromising performance.


Fragrances for Cosmetics, Toiletries & Detergents.

Color Clay

COLOR CLAY, S.L. has located and identified in the Mediterranean coast a series of extraordinarily coloured clays, rich in minerals  and trace elements with a variety of applications in cosmetics

Dr. Straetmans

Natural multifunctional ingredients for advanced and organic products: preservatives against bacteria, yeast and fungi, anti oxidants (Ecocert Vit.E), surfactants and emulsifiers, hair and skin conditioners from starch.

Dow Corning

Dow Corning is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Midland, Michigan, USA. Dow Corning specializes in silicone and silicon-based technology, offering more than 7,000 products and services.


Glycolic Acid (hydroxyacetic acid) is the first member of the series of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids, which means it is one of the smallest organic molecules with both acid and alcohol functionality. Although Glycolic Acid occurs naturally as a trace component in sugarcane, beets, grapes and fruits, DuPont synthesizes the product through a purpose built manufacturing process in Belle, West Virginia. DuPont has been the leading supplier of Glycolic Acid to customers and distributors worldwide for more than 50 years.

Dupont Tate

DuPont Tate & Lyle Zemea™ renewably sourced™ propanediol is the perfect glycol solution for formulations and solvents where non-petroleum-based ingredients are desired to replace propylene glycol and butylene glycol. Zemea™ provides greater purity and lower skin irritation and sensitization than propylene glycol, while offering many of the same advantages in formulation as traditional glycols.


Settled in the French Riviera since over 25 years, Floressence specializes in developing and producing perfume compounds. The creativity and efficiency of the fragrance division of the ELIXENS group serves an international clientele mainly in the fine perfume, beauty, but also in detergents, household and technical cleaning products as well as the air care market.

Florida Food Products Inc.

Aloe- vera gel, juices, concentrates, powders, and extracts as 1X, 10X, 40X, and 200X, natural and decolorized. Ageless in cosmetics and healthy in beverages.

Grant industries

The leading global supplier of silicone specialties for the cosmetic and personal care industries. Specialty silicone products, which give customers' formulations a competitive advantage, delivering unique skin sensory benefits and enhancing the performance of active ingredients.


Silk powders, hydrolyzed silk proteins, various proteins, natural oils, natural waxes, plant extracts, mica and sericite, spherical series, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, functional inorganic powders, other specialties.


Active ingredients and carrier systems (Unispheres). High Quality Products for Skin Care, Sun Treatment and preservatives


Natural ingredients: extracts, oils, essential oils, exfoliating powders, organic glycerin, Xanthan gum. Specialized in ECOCERT !!!


Range of Treated Pigments, Treated Powders, Microspheres, Microspheres Complexes, Dispersions, Ultrafine Pigments, Glycospheres/Softspheres.


Anti-Dandruff Zinc Pyrithione.


The core technologies of the Lamberti Group are polysaccharides derivatives- cellulose and galactomannans, water-based synthetic polymers-polyacrylates and polyurethanes, oleochemicals- surfactants and fine chemicals- photoinitiators.

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

Lucas Meyer Cosmetics uses its long traditional experience with phospholipids for the development of natural ingredients for cosmetics and combine nature benefits and technology to create safe emulsifiers and active ingredients with higher performances. Thus, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics offers a large choice of ingredients complying with Ecocert standards to provide innovative solutions for the formulation of natural products.

Maruzen Chemicals

Manufacturer and distributor of raw materials for cosmetics: Antiseptic agents, Moisturizers, Hyaluronic acid, Thickeners and stabilizers, etc.

New Phase

Range of performance polymers that condition, disperse, viscosity and stabilize personal care formulations. Polymers for make-up and lipsticks, as dispersion agents, film formers, glossing agents and viscosity modifiers.


Skin Care / Skin Lightening Products, Vitamins derivates and Natural extracts. Active materials, oily materials, emulsifiers/stabilizers/dispersants, foaming agents/detergents, conditioners, blends, high pority reagent grade


Shanghai Oli offers  Skin lightening and depigment agents, Anti-wrinkle and Anti-ageing agents, Emollients and Natural extracts.

Prodotti Gianni

Established in 1948 inMilan, Prodotti Gianni is a key partner for cosmetic raw materials.Thanks to our Application Laboratory we can help customers with formulation and technical support. Our Laboratory is an extremely efficient tool to give technical knowledge and formulation advice to our customers


Proteos biotech is a primary manufacturer of enzymes for biomedical use, cell cultures and cosmetics. Our enzymes, such as Collagenase, Pz-Peptidase, Keratinase and Subtilisin are produced under recombinant conditions and purified chromatographically. Proteos enzymes offer the best quality and purity standards on the market.

Qingdao Jinlida

Qingdao Jinlida Trading Co., Ltd. was established at 2001,which is affiliated to of HongYun Group, located in the beautiful coastal city Qingdao ,specialized in the research, develop, manufacturing and distribution of chemcial products, including Phosphate industry, Sodium salt industry, Calcium salt industry and other products .

Resources of Nature

Distinctive Cosmetic Ingredients, is the philosophy that guides the development and manufacturing of unique and innovative raw material. Located in South Plainfield, NJ, USA, DCI is dedicated to providing customer driven service, quality, and ingenuity to present the best raw materials to the cosmetic and personal care industry. Our focus is to function as a specialty boutique where we work to develop solid partnerships with our customers to bring them exclusive specialty raw materials tailored to their individual needs. We desire to operate as a member of each individual customer’s teams to provide technologies that will move them to the forefront of their market segment.



Rheolab is a young company with a growing reputation in personal care. We have expertise in the production, regulation, sales and marketing of a range of niche cosmetic ingredients

Our product range comprises Rheosol polymeric thickeners and conditioners, Natursol natural thickeners, Coloursoft polymers for colour cosmetics, and selected Natural ingredients


Colors for cosmetics and toiletries. Water soluble synthetic dyes and lake pigments (FD&C), D&C colors, natural colors.


Ultra Fine Titanium Dioxide, Sun Blocks.They have acquired Tri-K for Hair and Skin Care Specialties.


The XIAMETER® brand from Dow Corning Corporation offers thousands of standard silicone fluids, sealants, emulsions, silanes, rubbers, resins, coatings and more.

SNF Cosmetics

SNF is developing a range of polymers for use in cosmetic and personal care product. Such range draws on SNF’s know-how in the field of polymer analysis techniques, specific tests are performed to ensure that products are of consistent quality and suited to their intended application

These polymers can have conditioning, film-forming, thickening performances, they also benefits from constant research into the production of high-purity monomers and advanced polymerisation techniques developed by SNF


Innovative products of specialties (Hyaluronic acid, Dihydroxyacetone for self tanning), plants biotechnologies such fermentation, extraction and microencapsulation.

Strahl & Pitch

Strahl & Pitsch is the global leader in the production of natural and customized waxes for the personal care industry. Our natural cosmetic ingredients include, fatty esters marketed as puresters, and vegetable-based natural wax jellies, which are precise alternatives to petrolatums. S&P also offers an expanding range of butters, including avocado, olive, sunflower, sweet almond and Jojoba butters.
Providing waxes and custom products since 1904.


Antiperspirant aluminium chlorhydrate (50%) liquid.


Tagra is the developer and manufacturer of a unique incomparable microencapsulation technology (RND™- Release on Demand). Tagra's microencapsulated products provide optimal stability, protection and isolation of the active principle, as well as masking of color and scent for specialty ingredients. We provide solutions for the personal care industry and OTC. Our broad scientific and engineering expertise gives us the ability to tailor the microencapsulated products to meet each customer's needs


Teluca manufactures and distributes hair dyes, hair color and related ingredients to hair color marketers around the world. Teluca roots in hair dye manufacturing have laid the groundwork for its broad portfolio of high-quality products.


Terry Laboratories is the world’s oldest, largest and most trusted manufacturer of quality Aloe Vera extracts and concentrates. By using advanced production techniques such as enzyme free processing and concentration via reverse osmosis, Terry Laboratories insures that both the quantity and size of Aloe Vera’s many beneficial polysaccharides are maintained, thus providing the consumer with the full range of Aloe Vera’s healthy benefits.


WUHU TIANCI FINE CHEMICAL LIMITED mainly produces cosmetics ingredients, pharmaceutical raw materials and daily chemicals.


For over 30 years, TRI-K Industries has been bringing innovative concepts and products to life for the cosmetics industry. We work closely with our customers to invent, formulate and test new cosmetic ingredients...and we keep our relationships strong with excellent customer service and in-depth technical support. Together with our strategic partners and in-house development team, we are continually upgrading our product range to provide you with a consistent competitive advantage. Please explore our site to discover the latest innovations we have to offer.


With global headquarter in UK, and sales operations in China, Uniproma started with a wide range of sunscreens, from which we have been continuously evolving into today a global innovator in sun care. Apart from some local business that are not chemicals, the company has two international divisions: "Cosmetics & Nutrition", and "Fine Chemicals. The Cosmetics & Nutrition portfolio includes cosmetic ingredients and food ingredients, actives in sun protection, sunless tanning, skin whitening, anti-aging, anti-oxidation, oral care, natural extracts, nano materials, emollients, preservatives, and nutritional supplements. The Fine Chemicals mainly offers PTBBA series, which are one of the main ingredients for production of UV absorbers.


Since more than 40 years Worlée Cosmetics has close contacts to suppliers all over the world to supplement its product range. Being the sales partner of internationally renowned manufacturers, we ensure that our customers always have access to products based on most recent application and quality know-how. Worlée Cosmetics connects raw material manufacturers with finished producers in the comsmetic industry


Zenitech is a technically oriented company that utilizes our long experience in business and innovative chemistry to create a new generation of natural, multidimensional polymers. Our Zenicare System enables the personal care formulator to make new, better, multifunctional products for hair, skin, sun and color applications. All Zenitech products are patented and manufactured in Canada